Holiday Bay Area Pastry Orders

The Holidays are almost here and its time to put together your menu. We are making pastries that will go perfectly with your Holiday offerings this year. Pies, bread, croissants, pomme d'amore and cookies, plus more! Pre-order our signature pastries online today.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

Order Options include:

"One Bite Is Just Right"

1 Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread

1 Plain Butter Croissant

1 Pomme D'amour



"One Bite Will Never Do"

1 Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread Loaf

1 Butter Croissant

1 Butter Pecan Croissants

2 Pomme d'amour



"Bite To Your Heart's Delight"

1 Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread Loaf

1 Rustic Baguette

2 Butter Croissants

2 Butter Pecan Croissants

2 Chocolate Croissants

6 Pomme d'amour


Extra Holiday Specials:

Molasses Pumpkin Pie

Sweet Cinderella Pumpkins roasted with butter and cinnamon then topped off with molasses makes the perfect pumpkin pie filling. A dark rich creamy flavor that completes any Holiday Dinner.


Whole Wheat Apple Pie

Delicious Stayman Wine Sap Apples from Larson Farms in Apple Hill, baked with nutmeg and cinnamon inside a crispy buttery wheat pie shell (the wheat adds and amazing depth of flavor. Personally my favorite part of the pie.)


Half Dozen Dinner Rolls

Light sweet Challah Rolls, golden and delicious, ready to soak up any left over gravy on your plate, or serve all by themselves!


Plus, Much more. Go to our Order Page to see the full menu of items.


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Wednesday November 23 * Holiday Orders will be available

Friday December 2

Friday December 23 * Holiday Orders will be available

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